Why Poverty Is Allowed To Exist In The U.S.

Capitalist greed isn’t the only foundational reason poverty is tolerated in America

Rod T. Faulkner
4 min readJun 9, 2024
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I recently finished the book Poverty, By America written by Matthew Desmond. It is a compelling and scathing examination of why poverty is allowed to exist in a nation as wealthy as the United States.

Desmond, who states he grew up in impoverished conditions, is a social scientist who has lived among various poor communities across the country.

Desmond has also done his research. The author combines his lived experiences and first-hand observations with countless studies on the subject.

He also incorporates information from various reliable sources such as universities, census data, the Internal Revenue Service, and other academic research to support his thesis for the why of U.S. poverty. He then offers concrete solutions for tackling and eliminating poverty in this nation.

Demond accomplishes this while writing in a persuasive, conversational style that is very compelling.

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