Three Racially-Charged Terms That Need To Be Eliminated In Real Estate Listings

From Plantation Shutters to Butler’s Pantries: The need for more inclusive, less insensitive language in real estate

Rod T. Faulkner
4 min readMay 28, 2024
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African Americans know very well the destructive power words can possess; slurs and coded terms created to marginalize, dehumanize, and humiliate us.

Recently, I collided with this reality while I was perusing real estate listings for houses.

After scanning through photographs of gorgeous single-family residences, I began to notice three specific, racially-loaded terms popping up frequently in the descriptions of these homes.

Three terms that, as an African American, immediately elicit visceral feelings of disdain and offense.

These three words hearken back to the antebellum South and the atrocities of chattel slavery.

They are antiquated, racially insensitive, and have no place being used today-especially in any commercial context.

“Plantation” Shutters

Plantations were enforced labor camps for the enslaved.




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