How To Get A Pay Raise In A Turbulent Job Market

Four strategies that will get you the raise you deserve

Rod T. Faulkner
4 min readMay 7, 2024
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In February of 2024, I used three strategies to secure a raise in pay.

This is despite massive layoffs and general uncertainty sweeping through the current job market.

Still, getting a pay raise is possible.

Trust, if I can do it, so can you.

But, you must have a strategy in place to give you the best chances of success to get the raise you deserve.

Here are the four key strategies I implemented to get an increase in pay.

First Strategy: Know your worth

Yes, this statement has been used so often in pop psychology it’s almost cliché.

Regardless, it’s very true.

Given your unique skills, training, education, and experience, you need to know your worth so you do not undervalue your contributions you bring to your employer.

You also need to know what others with comparable experience in similar positions are earning.

However, doing salary research is not enough.

You must be informed about what the salary ranges are in your specific geographic area



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