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No relationship should be envied.

Let’s stop fantasizing and get real about relationships. Image credit: WAYHOME Studio via Shutterstock.

We need to keep in mind in real life, absolutely no couple is #RelationshipGoals. Every relationship has conflict and turbulence, it’s just those moments are not Instagram-ready.

Let me get straight to the point: we need to stop envying the romantic relationships of other people.

And we should retire that…

Standing up to racists is yet another magnificent highlight in the remarkable life of the beloved icon.

The incomparable Betty White Image Credit: Kathy Hutchins via Shutterstock

On New Year’s Eve 2021, one of the world’s brightest lights left us forever: Betty White.

Betty was an entertainer of unparalleled talent, grace, and humility. In the days to come, there will be many tributes to the phenomenal life and career of this remarkable human. Her comedic and performing…

Smartphone and home video have emerged as vital tools in exposing racism in action.

Hey racists, ready for your closeup? Image credit: Allison C. Bailey/

Lafayette City Court Judge Michelle Odinet is the latest subject of a video gone viral for the wrong reason: racism.

The video was recorded inside Odinet’s home where members of her family can be heard repeating the racial slur “ni**er” multiple times as they watched security footage of an attempted…

Hint: All of them are women.

Time magazine’s iconic covers shouldn’t include Elon Musk as Person Of The Year. Image credit: Elnur via Shutterstock

Time magazine has named billionaire Elon Musk as its 2021 person of the year. Not surprising since our society tends to hold rich people in high esteem just for the fact of them having acquired vast amounts of wealth.

Time’s editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal justifies the selection of Musk by stating…

The glorification of enslaved labor camps is indicative of America’s denial of its racist legacy.

These pristine grounds were the site of incomprehensible atrocities. Image credit: Sean Pavone via Shutterstock

…only in this nation have p̶l̶a̶n̶t̶a̶t̶i̶o̶n̶s̶ enslaved labor camps been retooled into pastoral theme parks, glorifying the lie of the genteel antebellum South.

Singer-actor-activist Jill Scott recently shot an Instagram story where she recounted her experience being taken on a tour of the grounds of a former plantation.

In her…

Science fiction doesn’t have a dystopian story worse than the reality of what was chattel slavery and its continuing legacy.

Protestors at a 2020 BLM event in Tampa, Florida. Image credit: Fitzcrittle via Shutterstock

Dystopia: an imaginary place where people are unhappy and usually afraid because they are not treated fairly. (

I am blessed to still have my mother with me. At 70, she was alive during segregation in the South. …

Onscreen nudity reveals a long-lingering, ridiculous double standard

Even hit series ‘The Witcher’ can’t slay Hollywood’s double standard on nudity. Image credit: Netflix.

Nudity on American television often reveals a ridiculous double standard that refuses to die a fiery death.

How often have you watched a sex scene in which women are completely naked, but their male counterparts are either fully or partially clothed, or only their bare asses are shown on screen.

Words of encouragement for those deemed “over the hill.”

Life begins at 50. Image credit: WaveBreakMedia via Shutterstock

I’m old enough to remember when there were only three broadcast networks and how crucial a set of rabbit ears were to getting television reception.

But just a few blinks later, I find myself surfing for something to watch on television with my Roku box and celebrating my 52nd year…

These tunes are the prescription when the world feels like it’s weighing you down.

Music has undeniable inspirational power. Image credit: Kristina Kokhanova via Shutterstock

Music doesn’t just entertain. It has the power to brighten your heart and uplift your soul. It can comfort, affirm, energize, motivate, and inspire you.

Music is… life, and it is universal in its influence.

Music can also empower and encourage; songs with this kind of impact on our psyche…

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