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Proud Blerd. I write about sci-fi, fantasy, and other areas of interest. Founder of & EYE ON SCI-FI podcast. Chocolate lover.

And Black America knows what that message is.

Image Credit: Elvert Barnes (Used Via CC BY-SA 2.0)

The occupation of the U.S Capitol Building on January 06, 2021 is irrefutable proof of the reality of white privilege and the existence of two Americas: one white, the other Black.

There are already op-eds and think pieces being written at this very moment which will attempt to rewrite history and portray the white mob of domestic terrorists as “people who are fed up with being unheard.”

Major supposed journalistic publications are going to print articles about how we ought to take into account the angst and frustrations of middle (a.k.a. white) America. …

Image credit: Netflix

I confess: I do not enjoy most holiday-themed movies.

Their manufactured sentimentality and saccharine cheer rings hollow to me. No matter how unintentional, they reek of hypocrisy in light of how awful and unkind human beings are to each other.

Watching movies about lovelorn and/or heart-hardened people magically transformed into Scrooge after his “come-to-Christmas moment” seems egregiously disingenuous in light of the raging bonfire 2020 continues to be.

So, it is no wonder the best holiday film I have watched in recent memory is not a holiday film at all.

Brought to my attention by the virtual grapevine that is…

These remarkable Black sci-fi characters defied tokenism onscreen.

Image credit: Metamorworks

Token Black characters onscreen stand out like a neon sign.

Usually, they serve the purpose of acting as living props, present only to give the appearance of a diverse cast. Token characters are a very tired trope, cardboard-thin characters with no agency or inner emotional life to make them fully realized.

They are the comedic relief, the “sassy” best friend, the first to be killed, and the characters audiences care very little about. Tokens provide the illusion of diversity, so more substantive inclusion can be avoided.

Thank god for the exceptions.

One of the major factors earning Star Trek: The…

Placing the onus of creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace on Black employees is insensitive and exploitative.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

“You did not create the racist and biased culture of this company, but you are now responsible for correcting it. Chop. Chop. Get to work!”

Black folk have been catching HELL from all sides in this country since day one.

But 2020 seems to have unlocked a 10th infernal circle from the director’s cut of Dante’s Inferno.

Despite the public outcry and outrage of the Black community, this country continues to affirm it only considers the lives of white people and the property they own as valuable.

The gross injustice of our so-called justice system failing to indict the police…

Image From: The Water Phoenix.

The critical and commercial success of recent films such as Fast Color, Get Out, Us, Attack The Block, Sorry To Bother You, and Black Panther emphasize one truth: there is an enormous, long-neglected market for onscreen speculative stories centering Black people.

The root reason for this paucity is the belief that stories about Black people are completely insular and niche, which is why the racist and idiotic notion that “Black movies do not travel well overseas” refuses to die a fiery death.

Never mind that Black speculative narratives are rarely greenlit by Hollywood, nor receive the marketing budgets and promotional…

Black workers have a drastically different core reason for wanting to work remotely than their white counterparts.

Photo credit: Gorodenkoff via ShutterStock

On Medium and beyond, the popularity of articles about the allures and realities of working remotely has gone supernova.

I’ve read my fair share of those articles, which are overwhelmingly written by white authors, and what strikes me is the drastic difference in the core motivation for working remotely between white and Black workers.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the great resignation is causing many to seek alternate ways of making a living by pursuing careers they feel will afford them more compensation, meaning, and fulfillment.

Many of these new jobs being sought must allow for the ability to perform them…

These three platitudes should be backhanded out of the English lexicon.

Photo credit: Dean Drobot via Shutterstock

Platitudes suck.

Sure, people may mean well when they use them, but this doesn’t negate the fact these blithe, superficial statements do not provide real comfort or, God forbid, prescribe any concrete, actionable steps to help ease the suffering, injustice, grief, and unpleasantness in the world.

Platitudes are just pat, convenient phrases people use to avoid facing a situation or issue making them uncomfortable.

Given the especially hellish past several years, my tolerance is nil for platitudes and the people who love them.

There are three egregious ones that make up such a premium brand of grade-A bullshit, they should…

Marvel Studios’ current television series are not as progressive as they seem.

Photo credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

With the arrival of Disney Plus, Marvel Studios is setting its sights on conquering the television landscape as it has done in cinema.

As of this writing, its live-action series WandaVision, The Falcon (now Captain America) & The Winter Soldier, and LOKI have debuted to whet the appetites of legions of Marvel fans worldwide.

Each of the series boasts all of the hallmarks which have helped Marvel Studios films reign at the box office: narratives centering iconic superheroes portrayed by a coterie of brilliantly cast, talented actors; the latest in cutting edge, visual effects; and the sky-is-the-limit budgets to ensure…

Yes, appearances can be very deceiving.

Being deceived by someone who seems loyal, trustworthy, and has our best interests at heart happens to all of us at some point in our lives.

How many of you have dated people who, from all appearances, seemed to have leapt right out of a dream? They seem to be just what the doctor ordered: an intelligent, thoughtful, witty, and sexy human being.

You begin dating, and they sweep you off your feet. You excitedly confess to your family and friends you may have found the one.

You have fallen head over heels and begin considering a life together. You…

The nauseating hubris of the super-rich has broken free of the earth.

Image credit: OneInchPunch via Shutterstock

Buying a private island used to symbolize having attained incomparable wealth.

But that is so last century.

Now, thanks to capitalists like Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Jeff Bezos, what is the ultimate status symbol of the ultra-wealthy?

Flying into space — or joining as the media has so ludicrously dubbed “the billionaire space race.”

On Tuesday, July 20, 2021, Bezos became the second billionaire to travel in his own self-funded rocket and capsule into space — approximately 62 miles above the earth to be exact — in order to experience three minutes of weightlessness.

Watching all the rapturous mainstream…

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