80s Sci-Fi Cinema Reigns Again In The Documentary ‘In Search Of Tomorrow’

An in-depth interview with the writer-director and associate producer of the documentary exploring the golden age of cinema that was 80s sci-fi films.

Rod T. Faulkner
19 min readMar 8, 2022


80s sci-fi cinema phones home. Image credit: Creator VC

…we have anywhere between 50 and 60 people from the era: actors, directors, composers, [special] effects masters, all talking about not only their own projects, but their views on sci-fi, and movies and their influences, and their thoughts about the future and how it’s relevant to the work. — David Weiner

In Search Of Darkness is the definitive retrospective documentary on 80s horror cinema. The team behind the highly acclaimed and award-winning documentary, Creator VC, have now decided to turn their attention to the science fiction cinema of that era.

Back in April 2020, just as the world was contending with the onset of the pandemic, I had the opportunity to speak with Jessica Dwyer, producer, and David Weiner, the writer and director of the forthcoming documentary In Search Of Tomorrow, a retrospective look at the science fiction cinema of the 1980s.

Nearly two years later, the documentary is now complete and its release imminent. To celebrate this remarkable work’s impending debut, I am publishing this edited transcript of my EYE ON SCI-FI podcast conversation with Weiner and Dwyer.

During our conversation, Weiner and Dwyer share why they feel the science-fiction cinema of the 80s deserves a definitive, retrospective documentary.

They also share some of the details regarding the planned content of the documentary, which includes a dazzling list of exclusive interviews with cast, screenwriters, producers, composers, visual and special effects artists, and many more industry professionals responsible for producing some of the most seminal science fiction cinema of the 1980s.

Rod F.: Jessica Dwyer and David Weiner, welcome to the EYE ON SCI-FI podcast!

David W.: Thank you so much for having us.

Jessica D.: Yes. Thank you so much for having us.

Rod F.: I appreciate you reaching out to me regarding your exciting new project. And…



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