7 Effective Ways To Defuse Potentially
Explosive Arguments With Your Partner

“Many can argue; not many converse.” — Amos Bronson Alcott

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Image credit: Photo by Tammy Mosley from Pexels

Our mouths do not have a backspace key. Contrary to the old adage about “Stick and stones…,” our words can cut as deep as daggers — leaving behind scars often more damaging than physical ones.

1. Make an agreement with yourself to control your temper

2. Think before you speak

3. Make an honest attempt to view the situation from your partner’s perspective

4. Ask questions. Then actively listen

5. Take into account possible internal/external influences

6. Express yourself clearly

7. Agree to Disagree

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Proud Blerd. I write about sci-fi, fantasy, and other areas of interest. Founder of https://The7thMatrix.com & EYE ON SCI-FI podcast. Chocolate lover.

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