6 Ways We African-Americans Can Raise Our Spirits Right Now

Self-care for America’s Black citizens is more vital now than ever

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Get out into nature

Take advantage of any natural resources accessible to you to regain a sense of calm and equilibrium. If you live in a densely populated area, visit a local park, or if that isn’t possible, make a few circuits around your block — while practicing social distancing and following any recommended mask-wearing recommendations, of course. Taking a break away from your four walls by stepping outside and getting some fresh air has many mental and health benefits.

Move your body

In conjunction with getting out into nature as much as possible, exercising on a regular basis also impacts your mental and physical health in a positive way. The many benefits of moving your body include: lowering blood pressure, strengthening your cardiovascular and respiratory system, increasing flexibility, reducing stress levels, and mood regulation. Even if you are in quarantine or practicing self-isolation, there are many exercise regimens you can perform at home to help keep your body and mind in tip-top shape. No matter your fitness level, there are physical activities tailored to fit your unique situation.

Relive moments that bring you joy

A powerful aspect of our minds is how our memories can transport us back in time to revisit previous experiences. Exploit this capability to relive joyful and happy memories. Pull out your wedding album. Re-watch vacation videos. Review precious photos of your children, relatives, and friends. Immerse yourself in media, such as books, movies, or music, you find joyous and uplifting. Since I’m a huge geek, one specific way I get a “joy injection” is by watching videos of Black YouTubers reacting to the trailers of the superhero film Black Panther. Seeing the excitement and pure joy on Black faces elicited by a movie centering a Black superhero with a majority Black cast reignites those same feelings in me— even though the film was released in 2018. Reliving positive and joyful memories is an effective tool in combating sadness and depression.

Practicing self-care is essential to our physical, mental, and emotional well-being as African-Americans. We must make it a top priority and commit to it with aggressive zeal. We must do this so we can continue to audaciously survive — and even thrive — in the face of the forces intent on preventing us from doing so.

Take frequent social media breaks

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Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels

Connect with friends

While attempting to negotiate these very insane times, it can be very easy to allow our friendships to fall into neglect. However, the camaraderie, emotional support, and human connection our friendships provide is a vital anchor, helping us maintain solid footing in this turbulent world. Whether by email, text, phone call, or video chat, take the first step and initiate contact with your BFF(s). Chances are, you will be very glad you did — and so will they.

Practice mindfulness

Okay, so what exactly does “mindfulness” mean and what are its benefits? According to Greater Good Magazine, mindfulness is defined as:

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